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Dear Neil---thanks for reading my Dueber-Hampden blog, what I can tell you about your watch: Your watch has a Molly Stark Movement, 3/0 size, 7 jewel, hunting configuration, 4th model. Neil you should have a Dueber-case and it is probably gold filled. There is really no way to track the cases.Hampden Watch Co Serial Numbers; For this movement serial number the Model is 1894, the Grade is No. 225, the estimated production year is 1917, Size 12s.

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Hampden Watch Mainsprings. Hampden 3/0 Watch Parts. Small Second Hands to Fit American Pocket Watches. Pocket Watch Small Second Hands Hole sizes 0.24 mm and 0.28 mm to fit Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton, Hamden, Howard, Illinois Pocket Watches Sizes 18, 16, 14 and 12 sizes. Stems for American Pocket Watches.
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No watch factory existed in Russia until the arrival of Dueber-Hampden assets, but there was an obvious high demand for watches. Russians in those days worked an average of twenty-hour days, from sunup to sundown, but the watch factory forbid working more than eight hours.
Note that we're using the serial number from the watch movement, not from the watch case. Looking at the table of Waltham serial numbers (see example below), you can see that number 20,900,000 was made in 1917 and 21,800,000 was made in 1918 (marked in red in the table below).
Hampden Watch Co. The movement was serviced 3/3/21 and the watch is running and keeping time. Lubricated with Quicken micro ball bearing diamond ball bearing infused oil. This movement has the heaviest gold in a two-tone model I have ever seen. Even the bridge screws are two-tone. The other thing I find unusual is that the movement is marked ...
The Dueber Watch Case Company provided casings to the Hampden Watch Company, which manufactured the internal workings of the watches. Dueber and Hampden quickly became two of the area's largest employers. In 1888, the companies' first year in Canton, the firms employed 2,300 local residents-nearly 10% of the city's population as ...
Hampden Watch Co Serial Numbers; For this movement serial number the Model is 1894, the Grade is No. 225, the estimated production year is 1917, Size 12s.
This Hampden is a size 18 and measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter, the classic antique railroad pocket watch. The Hampden New Railway has beautiful antique damasking on the nickel silver plates. This Hampden is housed is a beautiful Dauber 10K gold fill case, the cartouche has not had a personally monogrammed, yet.
Between 1880 and 1960, 300 million pocket and locket watches for men and women were produced from nearly 1300 different movement models. If your Swiss or American watch falls between these years, and it wants to run again, you've found the right page. Watch restoration is fascinating yet not an easy profession.
Hampden's highest listed 18-size grades were the 15-jewel Model 2 Railway grade, which was made almost entirely as a hunting case watch, and the Model 3 grade No. 60, which was the identically described and priced open face counterpart.
Hampden watches made after 1930 cannot be dated by serial number. Go to the chapters on Clinton and Manheimer where you will find a collection of adverts that may help determin the age of your model.